This first record, Closer to Free, is being released on the ArtiSans Label. "Ever since being introduced to Mike Filson at ArtiSans, I knew I was in good hands to accomplish my goals." His musical influences include The Police, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Bebo Norman, Steven Curtis Chapman, John Mayer, Sara Groves and Chris Tomlin. "Producer Aaron Ruse really helped create an album that didn't sound overproduced because it primarily used instruments without sound enhancements. It is very raw, warm and endearing." Among his favorite songs on the album are "Step Aside," an anthem that lets us know that we only truly find God's path for us when we step aside and let Him guide, and "Oliver's Song." The story behind the latter is incredible. Jason's fifth child, Oliver, was a miracle, as conception occurred despite family planning. "At the age of 3, Oliver wrote his first song melody. I recorded his "Na Na Na's" and used that to form the chorus of the song, which remains my personal favorite."
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